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Weheartninjas on Threadless is live!

Weheartninjas is here for all your ninja needs!

My name is Ken and I’m a Canadian based artist and I like drawing ninjas. I heard Threadless had started their Artist Shops and jumped on the chance to try them out. Check out weheartninjas.threadless.com for a selection of everyday ninjas doing everyday ninja stuff. On shirts. We got ninjas getting physical, ninjas hula hooping, ninjas biking, you name it, I ninja it.

But then what is weheartninjas.com for?

My hope is I’m going to share all the things I’ve learned about trying to run a hobby t-shirt business. Focusing on the Threadless experience, selling between borders (Canada and the US), social ads and et cetera. The Artist Shop at this time is just a shop. No blog.

Why Threadless Artist Shops?

I chose Threadless for a couple reasons:

  1. They handle all the distribution and printing (I work full-time so don’t have a lot of time besides making the ninjas)
  2. They have a good reputation

Really that’s about it. The struggle has been that they are a American based company. The problems I’m already encountering is the exchange rate, customs fees on top of shipping fees, and that I don’t know anyone in America who would be interested in my designs. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. But before I dive deeper into all that, check out my weheartninjas Artist Shop. Maybe pick up a weheartninja shirt while you’re at it! Till next time!

we heart ninjas on t-shirts

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