Threadless Artist Stores T-Shirt Review

So I’ve made some sales and ordered my own samples!

Here’s the low down:

Threadless T-Shirt Quality Review

weheartninjas review of threadless tri-blend quality versus regular quality t-shirt
Threadless Tri-blend versus Regular t-shirt quality

The shirts are printed by Next Level Apparel. They’re nice. The tri-blend is the superior shirt in my opinion. Makes sense considering it’s a few dollars more expensive than the regular blend. It feels nice on the skin, and with this global warming, it’s nice to have a cool shirt.

Threadless T-Shirt Sizing Review

Maybe because I’m a guy, but I had no idea why women’s sizing is so small. I think the women’s medium is roughly equivalent to a men’s small. Good to know going forward. I’m a men’s medium and I’m super happy with the fit! Looks good too!

weheartninjas sizing review of mens medium versus womens medium
Next Level Apparel men’s medium versus women’s medium (Wellington SPA empty beer (I drank it) for scale)
weheartninjas threadless shirt men's medium fit review
Men’s medium fit (I part-time lift so I’m part-time swole)

The kids print is nice, a bit big so it looks a bit odd, but I think that could be because kids are odd-sized anyway.

weheartninjas hula hoop ninja on toddler pink t-shirt

Threadless Printing Precision Review

weheartninjas review of Artist store versus actual print versus design
Weheartninjas Artist store product shot versus actual print versus design

Threadless uses a digital print. My friend is a screen printer and she let me know that screen printing is usually more superior, but costs more (due to chargers per colour). I think the digital print is good and let me get away with more colours. I found the scale of the weheartninjas were good and in proportion to the size of the shirt (threadless has this down!). I also found the print itself was on point compared to the design. The display colour product shots from the store front were more-or-less spot when actually printed.

weheartninjas hurts so good sizing review of design versus actual print size
Design size depends on the shirt size – threadless knows what they’re doing!
weheartninjas print precision on white t-shirt reviewed
Might as well go for a slurpee ninja is sharp!

Threadless Shipping Costs and Time Review

When I made my order for the shirts, I was nervous, as I knew the Canadian dollar sucks compared to the US right now. Then on top of that are the shipping costs and the duty costs. Thankfully Threadless offers a Standand Plus with Prepaid Customs option. I paid $30.75 US which was great as I didn’t have to deal with customs!

My order arrived about 7 business days from when I ordered it (I’m in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). They also printed the shirts the first business day after my order. I’m still looking for a way to print in Canada, but eh, threadless has a good reputation, so what the hell!

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weheartninjas baby outfit

weheartninjas on threadless

Weheartninjas on Threadless is live!

Weheartninjas is here for all your ninja needs!

My name is Ken and I’m a Canadian based artist and I like drawing ninjas. I heard Threadless had started their Artist Shops and jumped on the chance to try them out. Check out for a selection of everyday ninjas doing everyday ninja stuff. On shirts. We got ninjas getting physical, ninjas hula hooping, ninjas biking, you name it, I ninja it.

But then what is for?

My hope is I’m going to share all the things I’ve learned about trying to run a hobby t-shirt business. Focusing on the Threadless experience, selling between borders (Canada and the US), social ads and et cetera. The Artist Shop at this time is just a shop. No blog.

Why Threadless Artist Shops?

I chose Threadless for a couple reasons:

  1. They handle all the distribution and printing (I work full-time so don’t have a lot of time besides making the ninjas)
  2. They have a good reputation

Really that’s about it. The struggle has been that they are a American based company. The problems I’m already encountering is the exchange rate, customs fees on top of shipping fees, and that I don’t know anyone in America who would be interested in my designs. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. But before I dive deeper into all that, check out my weheartninjas Artist Shop. Maybe pick up a weheartninja shirt while you’re at it! Till next time!

we heart ninjas on t-shirts